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Hotels & Guesthouses in Gökçeada

When you decide to visit Gökçeada you have to think over carefully where to stay. Gökçeada is much bigger than Bozcaada and there are many opportunities outside the city centre to spend the night. Because of its size and diversity it would be of great advantage to study the map of the island before making a decision, taking into consideration all distances.

If you want to spend your holiday swimming or surfing in beautiful blue bays it would be the best to stay in the south of the island around the Aydıncık and Yuvalı Beaches area.

Are you more attracted to diving into communal life the best places to stay are the City Centre, Yeni Bademli, or Kaleköy Pier.

For experiencing a nostalgic and authentic atmosphere one should definitely stay at one of the Greek villages.
Where would you like to stay?