Gökçeada Villages



The center town Çınarlı, is the main town on Imbros, known as Panaghia Balomeni in Greek. Most of the settlements on Imbros weregiven Turkish names in 1926. Çınarlı is in the middle of the island;there is a small airport under construction nearby.
Yenimahalle, Older Greek name is Evlampio is located near Çınarlı Town on the road to Kuzulimanı port.

Bademli köyü 
Older Greek name is Gliky . It is located to the northeast of the island, between Çınarlı town and Kaleköy/Kastro.
Older name is Kastro .Located on the north-eastern coast of island, there is an antiquecastle near the village. Kaleköy also has a small port which wasconstructed by the French Navy during the occupation in the First WorldWar, and is now used for fishing-boats and yachts.

Zeytinli köyü 
Older Greek name is Aghios Theodoros . Demetrios Archontonis, known as 1.Bartholomeos,was born there on 29 February 1940. It has a famous café where Madam (elderly Greek lady) used to serve her special Turkish/Greekstyle coffes which is prepared in a hand mortar. After she died, her son is now continuing her legacy.

Older Greek name is Agridia . It is located in the north of the island, and is home to the largest Greek population on the island. Barba Yorgo' is a well-known inhabitant of the island. An extinct volcano is located south of village which is the highest point of island.
Older Greek name is Schoinoudi . It is located atthe center of the west side of island. Due to the emigration of theGreek population (largely to New Zealand and the USA; some to Greeceand Istanbul before the 1970s), Dereköy is almost empty today. However, manypeople return on every 15 August for the festival of the Virgin Mary
Yeni Bademli köyü, Eşelek / Karaca köyü, Şahinkaya köyü, Şirinköy and Uğurlu köyü were established after 1970.
Şahinkaya köyü 
It is located near Dereköy.

It is located in the southwest of island.

Uğurlu köyü 
It is located in the west of the island.

Yeni Bademli köyü 
It is located at the center-northeast of island, near Bademli. It has many small motels and pensions.

It is located at the southeast of the island. It is an agricultural area that produces fruit and vegetables. The village is very close to popular beach